FAP Episode #20 – Christmas Cards & Keeping It Simple, Stupid!

faplogosmall(Duration 59:15)

In this episode of Fireground Action Photography we give some last minute gift ideas for the fire photographer in your life. We discuss how to go about creating a department Christmas card when called up on to do so. Ross recently took on such a project for the Burbank Fire Department (shown below) and shares his experience. Craig shares a recent “Keep It Simple Stupid” moment and encourages everyone else to do the same whenever possible. Remember the basics folks…trust your equipment, your technique, your experience and your talent. Craig also wraps up his recent trip to San Francisco.

Here are some related link which you may find useful:

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www.craigdurling.com – Featuring the photography of Craig M. Durling
www.firepictures.com – Featuring the photography of Ross A. Benson




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