FAP Episode #15 – So Cal Wildfires From The Fireground

faplogosmall(Duration – 55:37)

In this episode of the Fireground Action Photography podcast we bring you the Southern California wildfires from the fireground. With handheld MP3 recorder in hand I share my experience on the front lines of the Sayre and Corona wildfires, now known as the “Triangle Complex Fire”. Special thanks to Ed Sherman, Doug Pearson, Glenn Zachman, Keith Cullom and Al Simmons for their contributions on the fireground. Check out the videos I shot using my Canon G9!

Here are some related links you may find useful:

www.fire-images.com – Featuring the photography of Ed Sherman
www.fire-image.com – Featuring the photography of Keith Cullom
www.firestormvideos.com – Featuring the fire videos of Al Simmons
www.chibiphotography.com – Featuring the photography of Doug Pearson
www.lafd.org/blog – For more information on the wildfires, courtesy of LAFD



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