FAP Episode #6 – Backing Up & Incident Report

faplogosmall(Duration – 57:00)

In this episode of the Fireground Action Photography podcast we are joined by fire photographers Ross A. Benson and Kenji Luster. We discuss the importance of backing up your images and different methods for doing so. Ross B. gives us an in-depth incident report from a recent plane crash he covered in Burbank, California. Announcements include the release of the Southern California Frequency Directory 3rd Edition and a photo request from The Supply Cache.

Here are some related links you may find useful:

NTSB.gov – The National Transportation Safety Administration (Incident #SEA08LA191)
The Supply Cache – To submit your photos for their catalogs, website and annual calendar
Scannerstuff.com – To order the 3rd Edition of the So. Cal. Frequency Directory
Kenjicam.com – Featuring the photography of Kenji Luster
Firepictures.com – Featuring the photography of Ross A. Benson
CraigDurling.com – Featuring the photography of Craig M. Durling
Foothill Communications – For all your Motorola radio accessory needs (Under Construction)
Drobo.com – The “Drobo” external memory back-up system
Carbonite.com – On-line data back-up service
Free Back-up.info – Free back-up software, discussion and general discussion



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